Daniel Enériz

🎓PhD student. 🏛️University of Zaragoza. 🎯Edge computing of neural networks.


Área de Electrónica

Facultad de Ciencias

Universidad de Zaragoza

Pedro Cerbuna, 12

50009, Zaragoza, Spain

I’m a PhD student at the University of Zaragoza, under the Electronic Engineering program. My research interests are machine learning, deep learning and their implementation in low-spec devices. At the moment, I’m working in the edge computing of neural networks using FPGAs.

During my Masters Degree in physics and physical technologies at the University of Zaragoza, I worked in an early-stage FPGA implementation of a simple neural network, under the direction of Prof. Medrano and Prof. Calvo.

I’m a proud member of the maker community. In my spare time, I love to work with arduinos and raspberries, and print some STLs with my 3D printers.

selected publications

  1. Low-Cost FPGA Implementation of Deep Learning-based Heart Sound Segmentation for Real-Time CVDs Screening
    Daniel Enériz, Antonio J. Rodriguez-Almeida , Himar Fabelo , Samuel Ortega , and 4 more authors
    IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2024
  2. Low-power EEGNet-based Brain-Computer Interface implemented on an Arduino Nano 33 Sense
    Daniel Enériz, Nicolás Medrano , Belén Calvo , and Diego Antolín
    In 2023 38th Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems (DCIS) , Nov 2023
  3. Real-Time EEG Acquisition System for FPGA-based BCI
    Daniel Enériz, Nicolás Medrano , Belén Calvo , Ana Caren Hernández–Ruiz , and 1 more author
    In 2022 37th Conference on Design of Circuits and Integrated Circuits (DCIS) , Nov 2022
  4. Motor-Imagery EEGNet-Based Processing on a Low-Spec SoC Hardware
    Ana Caren Hernandez-Ruiz , Daniel Enériz, Nicolas Medrano , and Belen Calvo
    In 2021 IEEE Sensors , Nov 2021
  5. An FPGA-Based Machine Learning Tool for In-Situ Food Quality Tracking Using Sensor Fusion
    Daniel Enériz, Nicolas Medrano , and Belen Calvo
    Biosensors, Nov 2021
  6. A Wireless Instrumentation Control System Based on Low-Cost Single Board Computer Gateways
    Daniel Enériz, Nicolás Medrano , and Belén Calvo
    IEEE Access, 2021